About Company

BWG Ventures, LLC changes the way doing business by focus on innovative business methodologies and practices on business and management consulting and advisory, marketing intelligence and analytics, media publishing and knowlege management, information systems and technology innovation.

BWG Ventures, LLC, a subsidarse of Brain Works Group, is established in 2012 as part of Brain Works Group's global strategy to expand the business into North America and Emerging market. The Brain Works Group has offices across domestic Japan, China, SouthEast Asia, and North America.


Noboru Kondo


Mr. Kondo oversees the strategic direction at BWG Ventures as well as business development.He is the funder and CEO of Brain Works Group. Since its inception on 1994, Mr. Kondo has grown BWG into a multi-companies, multi-national enterprise with business throuhgh out domestic Japan as well as Asia and North America. As a modern business leader, Mr.Kondo authored and published various books in the business and information technology field, and holds seminars around Japan and Asia business world.

Mr. Kondo received his BS from Kobe University, and is certified Systems Engineer (特種情報処理技術者) and architect (一級建築士).



Jason Chen

Vice President, Operation

Mr. Chen is responsible for overall operation, include finance, product and service development, customer servcie and support. Before joining BWG Ventures, Mr. Chen held various management positions and technical positions in product opertion, program management, project management, release management, software design and development in both large corporations such as Cisco and Siemens, as well as small and medium businesses.such as WebEx Communicatiuons, Digital Processing Systems, and Gold Disk.

Mr. Chen received his MBA in Technology Management from College of Management, Walden University; Master of Sience in Software Engineering from Walden University, and B.Eng. from Shanghai University. Also Mr. Chen received his Advanced Project Management Certificate from Stanford University and Project Management Certificate from Colorado State Unioveristy. He is a Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM) and Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP).